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21 abril 2021

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Hello! we are Hator Tours and we are here to bring you the most amazing guided tours in the Basque Country. Our goal is helping you to enjoy your vacation as most as possible, guiding you to through the most emblematic spots in the Basque, French Basque countryside and la Rioja. We will turn your vacation into a real experience.

Don’t forget that you are the main character in your trip. For this reason, our tours are private, and tailor made, to make sure that we are fitting all your needs. When a very specific local expertise is needed, don’t get worried, we are local, and we really know every corner around the Basque Country and French Countryside.

Let us introduce you our services approach:

Local expertise: Let us share the Basque way of life with you

Guided tours in the Basque country

It’s a fact, the best way to discover new places is with local people, especially when we are talking about small towns and places where the word of mouth is the best way to promote unique spots.

We all know region’s hidden treasures and we love to share these amazing places with all the people who come here looking for an unforgettable experience in the Basque.

In order to make our services exclusive, we only use the best guides and carefully selected providers.

Tailor made: guided tours to fit your needs

A guided in the Basque tour fitting your needs

All our tours are adjusted upon your wishes and needs, of course we have a bunch of suggestions for you, and we would love to help you choosing your perfect guided tour in the Basque.

The Basque is just nestled in the north corner of Spain and the south of France, a small region that brings you a world of possibilities.

At the foot of the Pyrenees mountain range and open to the Cantabrian Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, you will be able to enjoy a huge range of activities in the Basque and surrounding places.

By the way, the mix of cultures and the sparkling rivers, cold seas, humid forests and lush valleys all contribute on having the best gastronomy in the world, but don’t worry, we help you with your to-do list.

Private and personalized: we turn your trip into an amazing experience

Private tours in the Basque Country

Our service is private and personalized, so you will have an exclusive experience just for you and your crowd.

We’re with you the whole time, making sure you are 100% satisfied with everything on the tour.

You can choose a guided tour through the Basque by one of our packs, you can combine them or you can just make your own tour.

Car transfer service: we pick you up in the meeting point

Just relax and enjoy, you just need to be in the meeting point, we will pick you up there to start your personal tour.

We provide one of the best car transfer service in the country, with a Mercedes Benz van that will bring you privacy, comfort and exclusivity. Our guide and van are going to be available for you the whole tour, once we finish our guided tour we take you back to the meeting point.

Hator Tours: things and places to discover with us

San Sebastian and around

  • Ideazabal Cheese and Txakoli wine
  • San Sebastian City and pintxos tour
  • San Sebastian pintxo tour
  • Coast and countryside
  • San Sebastian city tour

Sightseeing tours

  • French Basque countryside
  • One day in Bilbao
  • French Basque coast
  • Coast and countryside
  • San Sebastian city tour

Rioja wine tours

  • Rioja winery hopping

Gourmet tours

  • Ideazabal Cheese and Txakoli wine
  • San Sebastian City and pintxos tour
  • San Sebastian pintxo tour

Hiking tours

  • Pyrenees mountain range
  • Basque mountains

We are ready to create a one-of-a-kind tour just for you.

Book this tour OR Customize it

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